2 thoughts on “‘We were bullied out of our home for being different’ – BBC News

  1. Patricia Faulks

    Just read the story about the family with autistic children who were literally bullied out of their home for ‘being different’ as the BBC or police called them. What a dreadful tale and concerning, in that it reflects on our society. Also, I understand the police saying they can’t deal with mental health issues, but they can deal with criminal damage and harassment?
    This is a story that needs to be made widespread so that those of us who try to be caring and helpful, get involved. Stop being so afraid of these bullies because they are the cowards. Speak up and speak out. There, I’ve said my piece.

    1. Stuart

      As you know and as the people of Greater Manchester found out recently the police cannot and will not deal with low level crime especially during national emergencies. The same goes for Kent Police et al in our experience. What services they provide bear no resemblance to what it says on their websites which I view as a deception. We remember the late Fiona Pilkington and her daughter who the police left to her own devices when faced with a mob from the community with tragic consequences. So do the police.


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