Personal Safety

The Police Oath

Personal Safety is an issue for all of us – even when every Police officer has sworn an oath to the monarchy that includes the lines “to the best of my power I will cause the peace to be kept” and “prevent all offences against people and property” “while I am in office”.

“I solemnly and sincerely
declare and affirm that I will well
and truly serve the Queen in the
office of constable, with fairness,
integrity, diligence and
impartiality, upholding
fundamental human rights and
according equal respect to all
people; and that I will, to the
best of my power, cause the
peace to be kept and preserved
and prevent all offences against
people and property; and that
while I continue to hold the said
office I will to the best of my skill
and knowledge discharge all the
duties thereof faithfully
according to law.

Who is Responsible for Your Personal Safety?

In Britain today, many people fall victim to violent crime and Coercive behaviour. Whether you are a victim of grooming children for sex, victims of Jimmy Saville and other famous predators, or victims of what the police call “low level crime” aka anti social behaviour, at some time you are likely to come into contact with a perpetrator with a predatory mindset. You’ll need help with that.

Some of the behavior you might come across are shown in graphic detail on Channel 4’s 24 Hours in Police Custody: Series 10, Episode 2. It shows the police dealing with a case of rape with frank interviews with the victim and perpetrator who is a sexual predator, preying on young girls. His mindset and methods are remarkable and commonplace.

This show provides a really valuable lesson because it highlights the methods of predatory men, used to obtain sex very quickly from vulnerable people through the use of mobile phones.

It is enough to convince me, that the mobile phone is not safe in the hands of young people, and is a platform for criminals to use, as well as honest people. Our schools focus on teaching our children online safety through the national curriculum but I doubt they will be able to safeguard all children at each key stage when they become the target of predatory behaviour and while the police are responsible, they cannot deal with it all and might turn out to be the problem.

Dealing With It?

Getting Help

The wrong time to learn this lesson is when you become a victim. Given the oath above, and the information on almost every police website in the country implying that they are good at dealing with crime, when it comes to personal safety, they might just argue the toss and fob you off or worse blame you for the perpetrators behaviour. Relying on the police alone for your personal safety is fraught with risks. See here for an example of how the Police treat people relying on them for their personal safety. Bearing in mind that some police officers are recruited into professional standards departments during their careers. The police have shown that they simply do not know who they are recruiting, and what their mindset is, and therefore niether you, or they can predict whether an officer will come to your aid, or further victimise you. The police, despite what they say in their oath and on their websites are not responsible for your personal safety.

That leaves you.

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