Privacy Policy

The purpose of this site “Toxic Lives” is to facilitate learning about the harmful effects of living and working with toxic people.  This is to enable people to learn about and deal with toxic situations, helping them to achieve a turning point based on accumulated knowledge and research. The site is open to all parties.  It is our belief that dealing with toxic situations should always be done in the open but we put privacy and openness where they matter.  Resolving toxic situations requires a certain amount of public information however:  If you give us your information we will keep your personal details to ourselves even if they are in the public domain unless you specifically tell us otherwise.  We are campaigners for change using digital technology.  Your campaign is supported by our expertise in data collection, report writing and meeting with difficult people getting to the heart of the issues that need change.  If you are a corporate entity of any kind or a perpetrator we will share those details that are in the public domain together with what our service users are telling us about you.  In order to function we use case studies.  These consist of an accumulation of data and validated stories provided by a site user, of incidents they are involved in.  We rely on the service user to provide truthful versions of events that appear on the site.  Any issues and disputes about information we publish are matters for the parties involved to resolve.

If you offer information we will use it only to bring about change.