Our Qualifications and Experience

Stuart Dixon FRSA

What qualifies us to provide services to struggling people and organisations?

We take a charitable and proactive stance when people find themselves struggling with toxic cultures. We have a well developed awareness of this, stemming from work in military, para-military and government organisations. Stuart Dixon FRSA, GCGI, MBCS MInstLM started work for the Royal Engineers in 1969. He went through their leadership programs until 1996 and then joined the NHS. His own awareness developed from school age when he was suprised the behaviour he had seen carried on into working life. He developed an interest in the characteristics and roles that the actors take and the stances people adopt in the situations he witnessed. His own personal characteristics led him through various exploits to conclude that some people struggle against toxic treatment and that the support available is scarce. Stuart has empathy, problem solving and compassion in his skill set and while his main employment and interests lay in communications, electronics and computers, he was always selected to lead support organisations and work in change programmes. Qualified at Level 7 in Management, he has both led and held senior roles in large scale projects, often developing policy and training. While working for a Health Authority at the turn of the century, Stuart began to study the difference between leadership styles and cultures in military and civilian workplaces. He worked with the CEO and head of personnel in this organisation to resolve a toxic IT department and was congratulated by the head of personnel who admired the way he dealt with it. This work included the development of an anti-bullying policy, probably one of the first of its kind. After consulting with the late Dr Tim Field, Author of the Website Bullyonline, in 1999, Stuart joined the anti-bullying movement and began to study the victims point of view via various forums. Such experience has allowed Stuart to test and develop the theory behind toxic cultures and design a support system to help both individuals and organisations to identify and manage toxic situations.

Stuart Dixon FRSA, MInstLM GCGI MBCS